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BEC Pest Management, LLC is a full service pest control company based in Brooklyn, NY.  Since 1996 our technicians have been providing quality pest control service to the tri-state area. BEC Pest Mgmt. offers a range of residential and commercial pest control solutions that will quickly and effectively solve your pest problems.

Our technicians are licensed and insured in NY and NJ. With years of experience, dedication to our customers and the right equipment behind us, we will solve even the peskiest pest problems.


BEC Pest Mgmt. technicians take pride in their expertise with bed bug elimination services. We use our knowledge of the bugs to eradicate them the right way and prevent future infestations. You can find Step by Step Bed Bug Guide and Bed Bug Prep. Instructions on our website.


What We Offer:

  • Free Comprehensive Pest Inspection
    • Elimination and Control of pests
      • Use of Insured and Licensed Applicators
        • Personalized and Reliable Service
          • Competitive Rates
            • 24 Hours Service Availability
              • A Proactive Commercial Solution
                • Perform preventative measures for infestations

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