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Do you charge for Inspection?       

 No. We offer Free residential and commercial assessment.


Do I need to leave when you service?

 Only if you want to. We primarily use no or low-odor materials in and around homes and businesses. If you would feel more comfortable leaving, let us know how we can best accommodate your needs.

        I Have chidren. Is your pest control safe?


  We use only the best pest control products available. Although pesticides can be dangerous when used improperly, our licensed technicians are trained in proper application techniques. BEC Pest Mgmt. only uses organically-based EPA approved pesticides that are colorless and odorless, resulting in a cleaner, safer service for you and your family. The toxicity levels are actually lower than that of common table salt.




What about pets? Is your pest control safe for my dog? 

 Dogs, cats and other common household pets are primarily unaffected by the products we use. However, as a precaution, we recommend waiting until pest control products have dried or dissipated before allowing pets on treated areas.

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